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The Slackers Cafe: Respected Ma'am

how ever the The Slackers' Cafe give you inspiration for everything.. Tod day inspiration about food...
Follow this article to know about food.
Thank you for visiting The Slackers Cafe and for your valuable feedback.
I would like to apologies to you for the extra sweet strawberry milkshake; i will make sure that next time you will get one with proper sugar.
I do remember you visit to The Slackers Cafe 'which was at 10.45 pm on a rainy day ;10.30 we take our last order ,but as you were in hurry and had your baby sleeping in the car ,so i accepted your order by understanding your problem and gave you a option to replace roll bun with burger bun. (because we had finished with our roll buns for the day and bakery's near by gets close by 10 pm.) .after your approval on the same i delivered the order to you with a apology and 10% discount for the same.
i would like you to visit to our cafe once again ;to make sure your experience better this time with us.
thank you Ms Ruchi.

The Slackers Cafe;
Chef/ Owner Gaurav Jadhav
Ruchi Kamble: Mr. Gaurav Jadhav,

First of all i accept your appologies for the extra sweet milkshake made by you,
i am glad that you remember my visit to your cafe but i am sorry at the same time you forgot the time i walk in to your cafe.. !!
for your very kind information.. i visited your cafe exact at 08:40 PM(and not at 10:45 pm) and place my order,
since it was a parcel i told you to deliver in my car which was just parked infront of your cafe !!
you didnt even know that baby is sleeping in the car, untill i told you later while goin out to sit in my car, so their is no chance understanding my problem from your side as that was not a problem, that was just a condition,
Second you have clearly written that you already told me about the roll buns shortage, but again a mistake from your side you told me about this when you handed over my parcel in my car with a sorry,
Third thing you have written that you gave me 10% discount.. after informing me that you have only burger bun available.. lol... when i had already paid my bill, so where is the 10% discount ???
Forth thing you have written that bakery just beside your cafe was closed, but let me tell you after collecting your parcel, i my self went to that bakery to buy stuff.

your reply clearly contains all explainations & clarifications
kindly understand a customer is never wrong, atleast not me with my reviews, it was an honest review for your improvement for future, but i think you have taken it in other way and given false explainations, which was just not required.
i hope this time you will take my reply in a positive way to understand the importance of to provide best food and service to your customers.
please note down the above for future....
Thanks in advance !! 
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