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University - Can You Really Be Arsed ?

From the early 1990s on Higher Education in the UK has steadily become less of an attractive proposition. The Tories converted a whole swathe of substandard Polytechnics into Universities simply by substituting one word for the other, and introduced students loans to replace maintenance grants. Everyone's favourite war criminal, Tony Blair, increased the number of Uni places available to the point where it seemed that anyone not actually dead could go, and at a stroke devalued the whole HE system.
University - Can You Really Be Arsed ?
Since then things have got progressively worse resulting in the current scenario where Universities are free to charge whatever they like by the way of tuition fees - to be paid directly by the students themselves, naturally.

University - Can You Really Be Arsed ?

Given that Higher Education is now little more than a business - a sausage factory churning out graduates in all kinds of useless disciplines at huge expense to the students themselves - there seems little point in playing this particular game. Unless you plan never to get a job paying a level of wages that would trigger off the repayments then three years of (admittedly enjoyable) hedonism suddenly looks an expensive way to stay out of the job market for a while.

So, if you're opting out of this scam of all scams and really feel that you need something to hang on your toilet wall then, at no expense whatsoever, The Slackers' Cafe can offer you this fine certificate of non-achievement, completely free of charge!
Simply cross out the irrelevant bits and write in your own details as required. Granted, it's completely worthless and probably not worth the paper it's printed on, but then so is a degree in Leisure Management from some 3rd division Polyversity. Agen Poker

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