Jumat, 06 November 2015

LoL World Championship 2015! L 'overwhelming experience of the world !!

As you know this is the year that will be remembered as the moment when MrSombrero (me) began its ascent to the Olympus of perdition FreeToPlay ... or the year when I started playing LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.Well, after casually followed the European summer league (EUW LCS) I picked the team that would suffer my love / hate eternal as a favorite team growing a baby to the sound of swearing, beer and 'Referee Horned' .. the ORIGEN. Yes, but who cares ?? To all of course! because it just so happens that the team overpaid for boys to play pc split asses and transported me to the mythical atmosphere of the World LoL!16 Team that clashed for the glory, low blows, somersaults, broccoli and baguette marked these weeks!The world were held every weekend during the month of September, and every week we played in a different European capital: Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin. The group stage included the two best teams from each region playing, and this year they are facing for the first time PainGaming from Brazil and from Bangkok Titans Thailandia..ovviamente: Wrecked. but they did their terrible figure!

Opening ceremony, the 'adrenaline goes up and then comes to them the story of Cinderella ORIGEN..la come true; born from the ashes of the strongest team in the world rely on the Origin xPeke to scale the sky, from former world champion with Fnatic, Peke abandons everything to create his personal team and pushes it through victories to the world ..

xPeke is one of the most famous players in the world, perhaps because it is the only one without pimplesWomanizer than those who only look at the regazzine go apnea Soaz is the 'only French competition, we keep in mind this information. The group stage sees The Origin finish in second place, sconfiggento giants China, the Russian Communists and the troll under the bridge ... pass to the knockout stage where expect Flash Wolves, from the mystical Taiwan that are bad PEO wreckati team the self-styled Peke ... you go to the quarterfinals!

My heart was racing the day of the semifinals against SKT, the challenge was difficult and even the baguette power Soaz could quench my ansia..ma not much to say: the SKT disintegrate the origen and go in the final ... vabbeh ... it is a fucking game, but there are still bad stesso..quella the night I ate Nutella.The final even the 'I saw her, knowing that the monstrous SKT would not leave room for sconfitta..e it did.But the world was not just a niche thing! The final has exceeded 30 MILLION viewers! Also it was a wonderful experience to follow all the ceremonies and "Fun Facts" competition!Let's see some:- The Analyst Desk: so 'as the endless threads of football today, even here every game deserved its forecast and delugubrazioni! The only difference being sympathetic Doublift ...
-L'entrata Overwhelming Faker of the semifinals: I can not explain how such a thing could get such a reputation, but the fact is that the web goes crazy meme his entrata..ed the audience into a frenzy !!!-The Existential dilemma of Faker: The broccoli are good ??Guys, I do not know what drives a fan to give a bunch of broccoli idol but seriously ... Faker midlaner is considered the strongest in the world ...
-The Baguette Soaz:Amazing how the French can be entrancing the audience enough to give the sky a baguette you have carefully prepared from home to take her to the world as a spectator, in the first game of the OG a river of baguettes and berets was glimpsed by the public! Also a nice fan built Sword-Baguette 3D Fiora (a champ of the game) and 'gave it to Soaz!

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